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Services Xdzyne Xperts

Web Hosting
Xdzyne Xperts brings you the most reliable Hosting & Reseller plans with 99.9% uptime. Our hosting plans include a plethora of features and software, allowing for easy web site and email management. Our plans are designed for ease of use, meaning that you can concentrate on running your business without having technical worries about your hosting.

  • Our Web hosting Services Includes:
  • 99% Uptime
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Custom Security
Web Development
Developing a website is fun and anyone can do this but very few understand how to build websites that hold a strong presence in the search engines and encourage visitors to use your services or products. First impression is the last impression so a website must be attractive but only attraction is not enough.

Our professional web development team knows that there are many other factors which play important role in the success of any business on internet beside attraction such as a website must be well designed and should make business sense. Xdzyne Xperts provide web development, web design and custom ecommerce solutions to small and medium sized businesses across all over the world. Our team has experience in web development, graphic design, flash animation and ecommerce development so you can be confident that our developers can deliver you whatever your project needs.

  • Our Web Development Services Includes:
  • ASP & ASP.NET Development
  • PHP Development
  • Java & J2EE Development
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Analytic and Customer Research
  • Content Management and Optimization
Web/Graphic Designing
Your company's website is the most important part of building a solid foundation for branding and marketing your business. At Xdzyne Xperts, we recognize this, and will work one-on-one with you to construct a website with style and finesse, that will entice your potential customers to learn more about your products and/or services. Our goal for your website is to give it a fully customized look and feel, make it efficient and effective, to highlight your company's unique competitive advantages, and keep you in touch with your customers.A custom, one-of-a-kind design is always a high priority, as it will help to make your business stand high above competitors that use unprofessional generic cookie-cutter designs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to transform your vision and ideas into a tangible, interactive experience that will impress your potential customers and your competition. Our solid track record of creating interesting designs for our clients speaks for itself. Basic company information, lead harvesting, and contact information are necessities, but we can take your new website to another level of efficiency and productivity.

As a one-stop shop for design, e-mail management, and web hosting, our fully integrated system will keep you connected with the internet, and with your website's visitors. Additionally, Xdzyne Xperts provides custom e-commerce platform solutions, Internet marketing solutions, and direct-mail marketing solutions to bring traffic to your website.

  • Our Web Designing Services Includes:
  • Professional Web Design
  • E-Commerce Web Design
  • Flash Web Design
  • 3D Web Design

  • Our Graphic Designing Services Includes:
  • Banner Design
  • Logo Design
  • Promotional Material
  • Indicating Bookmark design
  • Brochure Design
  • Flyers Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead Design
  • Presentation Folder Design
  • Software Box Design
  • Virtual Box Design
  • Newsletter Design
Custom Applications
Software development is what Xdzyne Xperts professionally does for the last 4 years. Software solution provides efficient, robust & cost effective answer for you individual or business needs. We apply the tried and tested techniques of contemporary engineering fields to rage development of software. Our approach is a result of extensive research, and caters to the need of those proficient in the field of software as well as by lay-persons.

Our development team is a combination of skilled individuals, who have been a part of development teams of the most renowned portals and software applications. We can provide you with customized software solutions with our accomplished specialists, Besides our team of Graphic Designers ensure that your websites of software applications have a state of the art look and feel.

  • Our Software Solution Services Includes:
  • Desktop Application's
  • Mobile Application's
Network Solutions
In today's world of computer technology, individuals and companies depend on fast reliable services, Xdzyne Xperts offer a full range of IT solutions to meet your entire home and business needs. Our highly trained staff provides professional, high-quality services at affordable rates in the comfort and convenience of your business of residential locations.

  • Our Network Solution Services Includes:
  • Custom Built Computers and Laptops
  • Fast, Friendly, Courteous Service
  • Virus Removal and Prevention
  • Spyware / Popup Removal
  • Low-Prices On Upgrades
  • Hardware Installation and Repairs
  • Wired and Wireless Networking
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Computer Optimization